Dr. Shahid Akhtar Khan Yousafzai

Consultant Psychiatrist

+92 315 0040350
H # 10, Main Park Road, Near Such TV Chattha Bakhtawar Islamabad

Dr. Shahid Akhtar Khan Yousafzai has worked in Psychiatry for the last 30 years. He has his MBBS degree from Peshawar University in 1985-86.He has attended internal medicine course from Edinburgh(Scotland) in 1989 and has started to work in Republic of Ireland from 1990.

He has his initial training in Ireland and has worked in Dublin, Carlow, Kilkenny, Portloais and letterkenny in different branches of Psychiatry up till 1995.This includes his training in Adult Psychiatry, Old age Psychiatry, Learning disability Psychiatry, Drug addiction, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Child Psychiatry, Liaison, Perinatal and Forensic Psychiatry.

Later on Dr. Shahid Akhtar moved to England in 1995 and has his further training in Nottingham. He has worked in different branches of Psychiatry including Old Age Psychiatry, Learning Disability Psychiatry, Drug /Alcohol addiction Psychiatry, Eating Disorders, Forensic
Psychiatry and other branches of Psychiatry.

Dr. Shahid Akhtar in 1997 moved to Research and was a Clinical Research Fellow for Manchester University and the Medical Research Council in UK for 4-5 years, where he exclusively worked with First and Second episode Psychosis. Dr. Shahid Akhtar was part of SOCRATES project (Study of Cognitive Realignment in Early Schizophrenia). Dr. Shahid Akhtar was part of the team which produced some international impact papers which has a profound impact on the treatment of early Psychosis worldwide including, UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.

Dr. Shahid Akhtar in 1999 has started to work in the maximum secure hospital in England (Rampton Hospital). Dr. Shahid Akhtar was working in adult Psychiatry within forensic setup as well as personality disorder unit.

Dr. Shahid Akhtar was promoted to Consultant Psychiatrist in 2001 at Rampton hospital.

Dr. Shahid Akhtar then moved to Leicester and established the Crisis Resolution Home treatment team (Treating Psychiatric Patients at home).

Dr. Shahid Akhtar was mean while doing workshops in London and around the UK advising on establishing Home treatment Teams.

Dr. Shahid Akhtar in 2011 has left the Home Treatment Team and has started to work in Liaison Psychiatry, Perinatal Psychiatry and Intensive Care Psychiatry.

Dr. Shahid Akhtar has his DC Psych conjoint board examination from Royal College of Physicians and Royal College of Surgeons Dublin, Ireland in 1995.

Dr. Shahid Akhtar has MS Clinical Psychiatry from Cardiff in Wales (UK).

Dr. Shahid Akhtar currently has affiliate membership of Royal College of Psychiatrists. Dr. Shahid Akhtar is also a Member of Royal Society of Medicine.

Dr. Shahid Akhtar currently in an approved clinician and section 12(2) approved Psychiatrist in England.

Dr. Shahid Akhtar has attended a vast number of courses including leadership, management skills for consultants in UK and was actively involved with the undergraduate and post graduate training of medical students and doctors with Leicestershire Partnership NHS trust, Leicester.

Dr. Shahid Akhtar has special interest in Affective Disorders and Anxiety Disorders, Psychosis, Drug Rehabitation. ADHD, Autism and Dementia.

Post Graduate Courses Attended

Jan – May 1989Internal Medicine Course, Edinburgh Post Graduate Board for Medicine, Edinburgh, Scotland

July 1990 -Nov 1992Day release course, MRCpsych Part I, St Patrick’s Hospital, Dublin

Jan 1992 – April 1995Day release course MRCpsych Parts I and II, Department of Mental Health, City Hospital, Belfast

August 1995 – Feb 1996Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Course, Thorneywood Centre, Nottingham


1995MBBS, Peshawar University, Pakistan

1996 – DCpsych, (Parts I and II), Royal College of Physicians, Dublin, Ireland

2013MSClinical Psychiatry, Cardiff, UK

University Education

1980 – 1985 – Ayub Medical College, University of Peshawar, Abbottabad, North West Frontier Province, Pakistan

Other Exams

1987Provincial Public Service Commission Exam, NWFP, Pakistan

Courses Attended (Recent)

  • Leadership and Management course for Senior Doctors working in the NHS – a three day course in London, February 2010.
  • Effective Leadership and Management skills for Drs – (March 2010)
  • Management for Consultants (C Quin and Commissioning Cycle) – October 2009.
  • Management for Consultants (complaints and SUI, payment by results) – February 2010
  • How to develop inpatient centre of excellence (2 day workshop 2009)
  • Clinical Governance Forum, “Opportunities and Barriers” – November 2007
  • Attended workshop on job planning – November 2007
  • Attended workshop on mastering adverse outcome – March 2010
  • Attended Mastering your risk workshop – January 2010
  • Attended BPPA Annual Conference – November 2008
  • Royal College of Psychiatry (DOLS) training completed February 2009
  • Honour Crimes – Cultural Killing – Leicestershire Constabulary – November 2008
  • American Psychiatric Association 162nd Annual Meeting, San Francisco – May 2009
  • 21st European College of Neuropsychopharmacology – Barcelona – September 2008
  • Skill based training on risk management (STORM Project) – January 2009
  • MAPA disengagement training (Breakaway)- February 2009
  • Borderline Personality Disorder – March 2009
  • International Personality Disorder Examination Workshop – April 2002
  • Safeguarding children – November 2004
  • Mental Capacity Act – February 2007
  • Conversion from Responsible Medical Officer (RMO) to Approved Clinician – Royal College of Psychiatrists September 2008
  • Attended Approved Clinician refresher training (Section 12 – 2 Training) Doncaster July 2009
  • Aspergers Syndrome and Autism – May 2007
  • Psychosis an update on Assessment and Risk Management – October 2007
  • Major Depressive Disorder and Anxiety, Refining the Approach to clinical decision making – Prague 2010
  • Dual Diagnosis Training – 24th March 2011
  • Core Mandatory Training – 9th December 2011
  • Resuscitation Training – 24th April 2012
  • Riddor / Risk Incident Reporting – 21st July 2012
  • Safeguarding Children and Young people Level 2 – 30th July 2012
  • COSHH – 31st July 2012
  • Equality and Diversity – 12th September 2012
  • Major depressive Disorder and Anxiety – Vienna April 2012

Teaching Courses (Recent)

  • Teach the Teachers’ course in Birmingham – January 2010
  • Managing Doctors in Difficulty – Attended a 1 day course in Exeter – February 2010
  • Effective Teaching Skills for Drs – March 2010
  • Clinical Supervisor Training – March 2010


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2011 Audit of Detoxification of  alcohol dependence syndrome in the community.

2014 Audit of prescribing  Hypnotics  to patients in respiratory unit.

2015 Audit of  quality of sexton patients in the hospital.


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International Congress on Schizophrenia research, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

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